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More than 10 years and counting

Posted by: Klet Makulet,

I started Klet Makulet blog circa April 2008. I have other blogs made way back early 2000. My reason, just to express myself. It's my outlet of unexpressed thoughts, hidden feelings, my sort of diary. Years passed and I slowly began to post a little less than usual.

When I started working, I also started becoming too formal, too strict with what I am going to express. Maybe I am afraid to get caught just like how my mom saw my posts before and I started deleting my entries because of my fear of being judged. I tried my best to post again. Unfortunately, I was not able to bring back the old jolly me who posts anything and everything under the sun with the hell I care about what others will say.

Now, more than ten years have passed, am I still Klet Makulet? Should I keep it and try to post again?
We'll see...


Ako si Klet. Isang palaboy. Mabait at medyo (lang) makulet. May ilang tumatawag sa akin ng Mako o Makoy. Dati akong adik pero ngayon, adik pa din. Marami akong gustong gawin--gusto kong matulog, kumain, manood ng TV/sine, tumambay, mag-shopping, gumastos, lumaboy, dumaldal, tumawa, mangulit, magsungit, magchat, magblog, magforum, mangulekta (coins, stamps, tissue, chocolate wrapper, atbpang basurang pwedeng ipunin), at kung anu-ano pa. Ako si Klet.

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