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Liquid Eyeliner Tattoo

Posted by: Klet Makulet,

You can make use of this easy, cheap and safe way of making temporary tattoo by just using a liquid eyeliner.

I am fond of looking at tattoos, whether temporary (henna) or permanent. I even wish to have one someday but I am afraid of the consequences--getting my blood contaminated with AIDS, unhygienic needles, ugly result, allergies, and even removing it immediately.

Not so long ago, I discovered this cheap way of having this henna-like tattoo when I have nothing else to do but to doodle on my skin using a liquid eyeliner.

When my friends saw it, they asked me also to put temporary drawings on their skin.

You will just need a liquid eyeliner (I use Ever Bilena liquid eyeliner because it is cheap and the tip of the applicator is as good as a pen)and a basic skill in drawing.

You can also browse over the internet for some simple tattoo designs.

Here are some of the pictures of what I just did:

I know it is safe because I am using a safe cosmetic which ladies usually put on their eyes (like mwah).

You can have this even if you are going to swim. Just avoid rubbing the painted body area and also as long as you don't rub it off, it will stay there . I think a water-resistant liquid eyeliner will last longer.


Ako si Klet. Isang palaboy. Mabait at medyo (lang) makulet. May ilang tumatawag sa akin ng Mako o Makoy. Dati akong adik pero ngayon, adik pa din. Marami akong gustong gawin--gusto kong matulog, kumain, manood ng TV/sine, tumambay, mag-shopping, gumastos, lumaboy, dumaldal, tumawa, mangulit, magsungit, magchat, magblog, magforum, mangulekta (coins, stamps, tissue, chocolate wrapper, atbpang basurang pwedeng ipunin), at kung anu-ano pa. Ako si Klet.

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