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A Bright Child

Posted by: Klet Makulet,

There is this little girl who is 13 years of age who stood in front of the whole administration and discussed a topic about inner-directedness.

We are all amazed and really cannot believe that a girl as young as she is can be so confident and smart to tackle about the topic. From the start till the end of the seminar, what we do is to praise her for her talent and giftedness.

I can also hear those parents wanting to have a child like her who at the age of 4 can already be in the 4th grade level or grade 4 but according to her, she, together with her parents decided to start her schooling in grade 1. Imagine, a 4-year-old girl in grade one, who is now preparing for her senior year this june at the age of 13. Isn't amazing?

She even shared to us that she should've been studying now in college if she was given a chance to be accelerated in grade four. But thinking of her young age, her parents also would like her to enjoy her childhood years. Though still not appropriate on her age, she still try to get an advance review of the modules for higher years maybe 2 years advance and if I am right with what I have heard, she was also being consulted by administrators of different institutions.

She also do some website assessment and also conduct seminars like what she just did today with us.

I don't know if I'm allowed to give her name but even if it is, I would like to keep it a secret since I'm also trying to keep my real identity.

Anyway, I saw her blog and she said that the internet connection here was slow. I commented on her shoubox that maybe she was just connected to a slow server since I know that our connection (specifically in my brother's business) we don't have a problem with the internet (connection) speed.

This girl motivates us to excel more and strive for the best.


Ako si Klet. Isang palaboy. Mabait at medyo (lang) makulet. May ilang tumatawag sa akin ng Mako o Makoy. Dati akong adik pero ngayon, adik pa din. Marami akong gustong gawin--gusto kong matulog, kumain, manood ng TV/sine, tumambay, mag-shopping, gumastos, lumaboy, dumaldal, tumawa, mangulit, magsungit, magchat, magblog, magforum, mangulekta (coins, stamps, tissue, chocolate wrapper, atbpang basurang pwedeng ipunin), at kung anu-ano pa. Ako si Klet.

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