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Tracy Borres and others

Posted by: Klet Makulet,

I'm a blogger. I've been blogging since, I think, 2003. I thought blogging was like a diary where you can be yourself, express what you feel, share your experiences and everything under the sun. The only difference here is that, your stories are posted online and usually in public. Anyone--A friend, enemy or even a stranger surfing the net--can read it. They can even react or comment on your post.

I saw this "The Tracy Isabel Borres Facebook Sizzle" article in the newspaper (Inquirer.) The article tackles about what happened to this girl named Tracy (from Ateneo) who posted in her "friends only" Facebook account her immersion experience with Aetas. She described how she felt and being the person herself (thinking that her post is private and only her friends can read it,) she bragged about the things she hated about the said experience.

I pity her. For being one of those who were being hauled down by others for being honest as she describes what she sees in her immersion.

Sometimes, these kind of incident stops me from being me or from blogging what's on my mind. Afraid that I may too be criticized for what I will say (post.)

I have a pretty serious kind of work where I should portray a saintly kind of life. I'm a nun... (joke!)

An online friend whom I met last year asked me about it (my work.) And for the first time, I did tell him the truth. He frowned. He asked me again, "Hindi nga?" (Really?) I laughed and say "Oo" (yes,) confirming that he heard it right. Then I asked him, "Hindi ba halata?" (Isn't obvious?) He said yes. According to him, it doesn't show with how I talk and crack jokes with them. I even swear (sometimes) and become racist and offensive at times.

I know and I'm sure that religious persons--even priests and nuns--swear, too, sometimes (it's just one of their very little secrets.) I even learned that saints also commit mistakes, which are grave and unusual if you're going to think of it.

I'm not trying to make an excuse to this kind of behavior. I know I've been a mischievous person. But I haven't tried killing somebody or something to that extent. I'm just trying to say and hoping (if this post will be read by others) that all our minds be open to the reality that we are all sinners. We sometimes say things that we don't really mean. We do mean things. We're not perfect.

I think bloggers(some of them, but not in general) and non-bloggers shouldn't be too judgemental on what other people say on their blog--Facebook, Friendster, Multiply, WordPress, Blogspot, Xanga, Tabulas, Typepad, etc. Let them express it the way they want it. This is a free country, right?

But on second thought, criticisms can also help and call the attention of those who are too mean and have lashing words against other people (A good example are Malu Fernandez vs OFWs and Chip Tsao vs Filipinos) and correct the things that they've said.

The story of Tracy Borres and others (add me if you want) are just common posts over the internet, they may have just forgotten the right word or term to use to describe what they feel or experience. And to make an article a little bit enticing and spicy, they use of hyperboles (and other figures of speech) and other kind of exaggeration that unfortunately put them in the hot seat.

For those who think they are perfect (and do not sin at all,) you may throw the first stone. (Just be gentle, it may hurt.)


Ako si Klet. Isang palaboy. Mabait at medyo (lang) makulet. May ilang tumatawag sa akin ng Mako o Makoy. Dati akong adik pero ngayon, adik pa din. Marami akong gustong gawin--gusto kong matulog, kumain, manood ng TV/sine, tumambay, mag-shopping, gumastos, lumaboy, dumaldal, tumawa, mangulit, magsungit, magchat, magblog, magforum, mangulekta (coins, stamps, tissue, chocolate wrapper, atbpang basurang pwedeng ipunin), at kung anu-ano pa. Ako si Klet.

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