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Transferring RSD

Posted by: Klet Makulet,

My RSD or Red Shoe Diary, as how they tagged the blogging area in one of the forums I've joined, is very important to me. You see, I was able to share my candid self to others and been able to meet friends and express myself.

It was in 2005 when I started posting at the RSD, after 100 posts in any area of the said forum. That was I think a week after I registered. I'm so excited to post and peek into the mysterious area, aside from the Men's Room Premium of course where ladies like me cannot enter.

It has been my diary for more or less three years. I only stopped when the owner decided that anyone can see the diary. Then 100 post rule was back but my enthusiasm did not. I still post if I have time. I try to keep in touch with my old friends who were also forum addicts. Until job came into my life and got busy with work.

It's hard to adjust from being the boss to staff. Also, as a forum and chat addict, it's so hard to get over with the things I get used to do. Really, really hard.

As an admin I was able to keep my RSD and the last thing that I was able to do was to have it back but let it remain closed since I cannot post anymore, and nobody seem to care.

Before the diary was set to general viewing, I tried to transfer my RSD in one of my favorite free blog. I "copy-paste" the entire page there so that every little detail is saved so that if time will come that the owner again get a whim of doing something unexpected, I have the copy.

I'd like to thank the owner and the pioneer members who became my online friends and essential part of my diary. That's the best diary I've ever had.

To the owner, please don't delete my RSD please :D

*PS... wala lang heheheheh

hmm sounds like mukamo?
sounds like mukako? :P

Ako si Klet. Isang palaboy. Mabait at medyo (lang) makulet. May ilang tumatawag sa akin ng Mako o Makoy. Dati akong adik pero ngayon, adik pa din. Marami akong gustong gawin--gusto kong matulog, kumain, manood ng TV/sine, tumambay, mag-shopping, gumastos, lumaboy, dumaldal, tumawa, mangulit, magsungit, magchat, magblog, magforum, mangulekta (coins, stamps, tissue, chocolate wrapper, atbpang basurang pwedeng ipunin), at kung anu-ano pa. Ako si Klet.

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