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Boyet and Bayani, what's the difference?

Posted by: Klet Makulet,

Boyet Fajardo, a known fashion designer and Bayani Agbayani were two of the most searched on YouTube and talked about persons over the internet. Both have videos uploaded showing their bad side.

What's their difference?

On Boyet's situation, a Duty Free employee asked for his ID since he presented an unsigned credit card. It was a standard operating procedure but the designer grew angry and threatens the employee. He said he can get him (the employee) fired with his connections. When asked what will settle the situation, he asked the employee to kneel down and let him slap the poor man's face. The employee immediately kneels down (while crying) to end the confrontation (no slapping of the face happened). He even apologized (even if he's right).

Bayani on the other hand was drunk. His car accidentally bumped on another vehicle that started the commotion. Four men approached him. One of them who's also drunk irritated Bayani with his comment. Though under the influence of alcohol, the comedian was able to settle things with the owner of the vehicle he just bumped. He paid 6,000 pesos for the damage. He also apologized. But he still want to fight the guy who annoys him. According to report, Bayani did want to settle the situation immediately but the the guy just pissed him so he wants to have a fight.

Both committed mistakes. But what the fashion designer did, (instead of just giving an ID) did a harsh remarks and even embarrassed the employee, it was irrational and inhuman.

Bayani for me is just showing a natural reaction (aside from being drunk) to a hasty remark. He admitted his mistake and paid the damages. He did not ran away from his obligations.

Boyet may win over the employee but lose his precious name and patrons while Bayani will still be the same (though others may hate him for swearing and being a nuisance that night.)

Anonymous said...
March 24, 2009 at 5:24 PM
a false sense of power in both occasions occurred

i think they ought to both should just buy bigger

kuya crez

are you pertaining to Bayani Agbayani issue? Lalo naman silang magkakabanggaan hahahaha

uy thank you sa comment... matagal ko nang iniintay yan heheheh
Anonymous said...
March 24, 2009 at 5:50 PM
first comment mali pa ang sentence. Yes its about the 2 guys.

it should be >> "I think they both should have bought bigger cars". My analogy for guys buying big impractical vehicles to compensate for their small dingaling...or a false sense of power. a fashion designer and an actor...yeah right.

i'll post on other matters again when i get the chance. Thanks.

haha kaya pala medyo di ko nagets bukod sa english sya whehehehe

thanks ulit kuya crez...'d you know they have small dingaling? lolz

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